The precious ideas[Quote] of Lord Gautam Buddha


The precious ideas[Quote] of Lord Gautam Buddha

Lord Goutam Buddha, the originator of Buddhism, was born in 563 BC before Kapilavastu, Lumbini(ancient India) was now in Nepal. Being born in Gautam Gotha, he was called Goutam.

Born in the house of Maharaja Shuddhon, Siddharth left the royal class one night and went to the forest in search of a path to get rid of the world, redemption of death and misery. After the rigorous sadhana of the years, he got knowledge under Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya (Bihar) and he became a Buddha from Siddhartha.

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Quote 1: Your mind is everything, what you think is what you become.

Quote 2: Three things can not hide for a long time – Surya, Moon, and Truth.

Quote 3: All wrong actions are produced by the mind. If the mind changes, then no other wrong action can be done.

Quote 4: It is our duty to keep the body healthy or else we will not keep our mind clean and strong.

Quote 5: Those who live smartly do not even need to be afraid of death.

Quote 6: You will never find the punishment for your anger, but you will get penalties for your anger.

Quote 7: Better than speaking a thousand worthless words. A better word can be said that brings peace.

Quote 8: Do not ever say anything that you have.

Quote 9: No matter how many holy words you read or speak, what will they do for you unless you use them?

Quote 10: Do not be jealous of others. Those who envy others, never get peace of mind.

Quote 11: Thousands of lions can be lit by reducing their light without giving them the same light. Sharing happiness is nothing less than happy.

Quote 12: The one who loves fifty people has fifty crises, he who does not love anyone, there is no single crisis.

Quote 13: Hate ends not with hate but with love. This is the ultimate truth.

Quote 14: Try yourself for your salvation, do not depend on anyone else.

Quote 15: Just like a candle can not burn without fire, man can not live without any spiritual life.

Quote 16: Do not pay attention to the past, do not think about the future, always focus your mind on the present moment.

Quote 17: As soon as we become angry on something we leave the path of truth and start trying for ourselves.

Quote 18: Someone can make two mistakes while walking on the path of truth. Do not set a complete path, and secondly, do not even start it.

Quote 19: The habit of doubt is the most dangerous. The person separates the logo. It ruins two good friends and any good relationship.

Quote 20: A world fills the drops of drops.

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